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Elisa Strinna

L'uomo osservato dal cotone, 10', 2012

The beginning of The man observed from cotton has been in 2009. In that period I was invited with other artist for a show in a space located on a disused textile factory. There I decided to approach the textile world, experience that gave me the chance to get connected with a vast universe.
Cotton is the most widely used textile fiber. We can find this plant quite all over the world, but it prefers warm and humid climates. It belongs to the Malvaceae family, such as hibiscus or cocoa. It’s a hardy plant that can live for long if it grows wild, becoming a medium size shrub. It’s unusual to find wild cotton, in fact, mostly is grown to produce the thread used for weaving. Crossing a thread with another thread we create cloths.
The thread of cotton, during time, do not served just to weave cloth, but also to weave history. The man observed from cotton is a collection of texts, words, experiences, that document man approaches toward the environmental and other humans being over the centuries.
In Dogon language soy - cloth - means also “the verb”. Juxtaposing these stories of past, present and future, we can create a panorama, a peculiar landscape made of words. At a first gaze these experiences seem maybe far and different, but they are not. The thread of cotton interconnect them all, all this collective lives, for better or for worse. From this panorama emerges as this material do not serve just to produce artifacts, but has been also a tool to address our immaterial impulses, from one continent to another, from once century to another, a tool that we are still using for writing history.

Voice: Vasco Mirandola
Sound design: Sebastiano Aleo

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