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Alessandra Messali

Quando il vento è fermo, non si muove foglia, 11', 2011

Giovanni Paneroni (Rudiano, 1871 - Rudiano, 1950) was an ice-cream maker and a Ptolemaic astronomer who, starting in 1920s, elaborated a theory according to which the earth was flat, infinite, raw, dead, still, cold and not round in the slightest. Quando il vento è fermo, non si muove foglia translates his thought, removing it from the field of science, giving weight to the questioning of such a commonly accepted concept as that of the heliocentric theory. The study of astronomy is thus reinterpreted as a study for a theatre play: the charts provide the scenery, the solar system is the lighting grid, and the script draws on memories. His work is his saving grace, offering a world he finds more reassuring.

Alessandra Messali

sound piece from a theatre play
text/scenery: Giovanni Paneroni
director: Alessandra Messali
with Luca Bassi Andreasi

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