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Scot Gresham Lancaster

Martian Time Slip (Gubbish Mix), 13'15'', 2012

A soundscape from inside the mind of Manfred Steiner, a severely autistic child that has the peculiar ability to distort time. Manfred is afraid of a future only he can see, in which Mars is derelict and a dumping ground for forgotten people like him, where he will eventually be confined as a decrepit old man to a bed on life-support. So powerful are this boy's visions of nightmare futures that they suck in other people and infect them with sick images of the "gubbish worm", an appalling symbol of entropy.
Gubbish devours beauty and reduces language itself to meaningless gubble-gubble. When Manfred looks at the powerful union leader, Arnie Kott this is the repeated refrain of what he perceives: "Inside Mr. Kott's skin were dead bones, shiny and wet. Mr. Kott was a sack of bones, dirty and yet shiny-wet. His head was a skull that took in greens and bit them; inside him the greens became rotten things as something ate them to make them dead."

Martian Time Slip by Scot Gresham-Lancaster for the Helicotrema festival Venice Italy June 2012 (concepts from the Philip K. Dick novel of the same title).
Special Thanks to Blackstone Audio Inc., Sam Ashley, Veniero Rizzardi and Tomonori Yamasaki.

voice: Sam Ashley
voice: Veniero Rizzadi
technical assistance: Tomonori Yamasaki
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