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Vittorio Cavallini

Corpi solidi su fondo di navi e uccelli, 2'52'', 2012

The work that you will present during Helicotrema comes from an interview by John Freeman with Carl Gustav Jung at his home on the Zurich lake. Can you talk about the working process for the piece?
I worked on removing everything that felt useful for the interview, removing the interested and intentional part, and I found myself facing a raw material, not calculated. I started by removing the images and the speech, then I worked with an equalizer.

Can you talk about the title, Corpi solidi su fondo di navi e uccelli ("Solid bodies against a background of ships and birds")?
The title is to remember the first feeling I had listening to the interview after my intervention; I mean I felt something solid and obviously near and something more extensive and far away. An environment with dimensions to be discovered.

Why did you choose that particular interview?
I was attracted to that material and do not know why. When I saw the interview I got excited and I'm sure it was not just for what the speakers said. I like this interview, but I like even more the flavour that characterizes it, the flavour that generates the time and space in which it was made. I have heard it several times and I couldn’t get tired of it.

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