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Valentina Roselli

Would you mind, 2'27'', 2012

Can you talk about the process that led you to creating Would you mind, the work you will present during Helicotrema?
Have you ever worked with sound before?

The process is composed of several short circuits bonded together. Its apparent form of complaint, legitimate me to include a series of hidden aspects even more personal. In a way I have always worked with sound before - assessing it more as a starting point - but this is the first time that not packed, not thinking in terms of space request.

Would you mind to talk a little bit about the synthetic nature of the sounds in your piece?
Where are they coming from? And where are they going to?

More than the synthetic nature of the sounds I'm referring to the (synthetic) nature of perception. Specifically we are talking about digitized sounds, not real. But get involved.
As I mentioned before have been superimposed a series of shorts circuits from participation of Alfred Hitchcock in an american television show, up to an episode of Striscia la Notizia of 1990 (the Italian satirical television show of Antonio Ricci). Would you mind ...we are in a bird shop.
(perhaps in a cage, perhaps free).

It appears that the roles of the two sounds are completely inverted: the laughs are quite scary and the noises coming from the birds bring a kind of surreal peace between the laughs. Do you think the sounds have changed their identity when they were detached from the TV/MOVIE images they were relating to?
Do you feel attacked by birds or fake laughter?

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